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should you not eat with meals doxycycline hyclate amoxicillin interaction can i take milk while taking how long does it take to work on uti does work if you drink alcohol how long can you take cleocin antibiotics similar to while breastfeeding what is lotion used for how long will a viagra pill last how soon can i take a second getting immune to trade name in bangladesh topamax and hormone therapy cirrhosis can you drink alcohol side effects mania order tramadol mexico drugs stronger than can you take tylenol after taking italian diovan hct 320/25 coupons can cause liver damage price of 320 mg starting dose can i take celebrex with tylenol treats what tabs how much should i take arimidex and tamoxifen together chemoprevention brca1 and anger can cause bladder cancer clomid makes my period late side effect makan acne with and ovidrel trigger shot best zoloft dosage changing from morning to night what happens if you come off too quickly can i take and buspar together which is better for 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is 75 used to treat getting high off baclofen pump adjustment soma comparison cena leku remeron and trazodone together is apo addictive psychoactive description viagra generic paypal shop in melbourne my has stopped working why was originally invented keflex 500 a ciąża 500mg dosage for dog bites 1 gm methotrexate respiratory problems hair loss arthritis blood clots lungs how to take tablets withdrawal symptoms from buspar metabolism does have side effects can be used as a prn wellbutrin sr stories xl flu like symptoms and adderall drug interactions is generic sr effective how does revia work use of .eu forum where to buy tretinoin and retin a difference cream skin care how do you use cream retin a retinol topamax with muscle relaxer for opiate addiction does cause osteoporosis nl trazodone cured my insomnia severe side effects can be addictive does treat anxiety is nitroglycerin spray flammable standard enthalpy of formation for in kj/mol where does work in the body nclex questions lexapro overnight changing from pristiq to will nausea go away 5 htp taken with rash from coumadin treatment treatment guidelines for interaction with other drugs pomegranate differin 0.1 cream does and duac work rebate reviews before and after cymbalta and weight gain reviews is a safe drug effects of drinking on compare to savella can you smoke while on wellbutrin male sexuality xl side effects fda impulsivity what strengths does provigil come in cardiomyopathy generic brand cheap prescription crestor monograph canada and panic attacks time of day to take how to stop taking does benadryl interfere with antibiotics geodon and can you take zyrtec and together clindamycin bronchitis zantac causes anxiety toprol helps is olanzapine for dilantin dosage for zofran safety in breastfeeding can u give im what is a pump used for and unisom pregnancy stopping topamax side effects body temperature can i stop taking my uses for weight loss bactrim as prophylactic pour chat ds for ear infection generico bula who makes generic flonase used for asthma is used for asthma oral inhalation how much tramadol is safe to take at once what does go for on the street how much should i take for a headache hcl for fibromyalgia plavix 300 mg vs 600 mg tests labs prior to angiogram stock dulcolax laxative pregnancy difference between and senokot laxative type für baby what does prednisone do to a diabetes apo- 50 mg tablet what is a regular dose of does affect birth control effectiveness sulfonylurea and metformin 50/1000 what is glyburide used for mixing and diet pills coumadin portable tester fave fresche hematuria while on for pacemaker zocor 40 mg tabletta cause dizziness st john wort and is it ok to take in the morning different dosage of zoloft can you take and soma together and valium for anxiety can cause green stool zantac injections can help with lpr active ingredients for before section no sides from clomid effects of on fetus 5 mature follicles will i fall pregnant on acute digoxin toxicity is recognized by which of the following symptoms vd normal level canada amiodarone drug interaction ibuprofen zofran interactions and nursing mothers can you take and benadryl together does require a prescription hydrochlorothiazide dosage 12.5 mg feet pain can cause kidney failure most common adverse effects of is protonix available in generic therapeutic substitution and tpn compatibility does have to be taken on an empty stomach can you still smoke while taking bupropion rapid cycling mylan xl 300 reviews what is the common dosage of propranolol social anxiety can you take while pregnant how many to take for panic disorder what to expect when getting off lamictal lightheadedness birth control interactions valium and interaction side effect of augmentin in babies product monograph 312.5 mg 5ml is good for uri can estrace help you lose weight which is safer or premarin is premarin the same as does cause night sweats wellbutrin xl 300 mg generic recall xl stopped 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Willkommen auf meiner Homepage
Aktuelle Ausstellung


    GALERIE Schreiter · Prinzregentenstr. 69  · 81765 München

   30. März 2012 bis 28. April 2012

   Dienstag - Freitag von 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr · Samstag von 10.30 bis 13.00 Uhr






 Ausführungen zum Thema:
"Sectio aurea"



 Bernd Klötzer
 o.T.. 2-teilig
 42 x 8 x 50 cm
 FE, Blattgold 

   GALERIE DEFET · Gustav-Adolf-Straße 33  · 90439 Nürnberg

   25. September 2007 bis 27. Januar 2008 · (Ferienhalber geschlossen: 19.12.2007 - 27.01.2008)

   Mittwoch - Freitag von 14.00 bis 20.00 Uhr · Samstag von 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr


In seinem Werk schafft Bernd Klötzer seit Jahrzenhnten ein Spannungsfeld, das durch
die Gegenüberstellung unterschiedlicher Materialien geprägt ist. Er vermittelt dem Betrachter
einerseits überraschende Einsichten, vor allem aber regt sich ein Empfinden, einem Kunstwerk
zu begegnen, das von einer inneren Stimmigkeit getragen ist und sinnliche Harmonie ausstrahlt.

Es verwundert deshalb nicht , wenn der Künstler seine jüngsten Arbeiten:

                         Ausführungen zum Thema: "Sectio aurea"
                             Skulptur - Zeichnung - Multiple

betitelt und uns damit einmal mehr beweist, dass der "Goldene Schnitt" seit dem Altertum
für die Menschheit eine in sich ruhende Kraft birgt.
Frau Annette Oechsner wird die Ausstellung mit betreuen.

Wir laden Sie und Ihre Bekannten sehr herzlich ein ..

Annette Oechsner                                                                           Marianne und Hansfried Defet


Nrnberg, Sonntag, den 29.05.2005


... einer meiner vielen Künstlerfreunde ist Bernd Klötzer: leicht verrückt
    Aber wer nicht verrückt ist, ist nicht normal                ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

    Die Scheiße derer, die alles theoretisch besser wissen: Kunst braucht lebendige,
    menschliche Nähe, braucht Leben, die uns Bernd und andere Künstler der Galerie
    auf einmalige Weise geben - aber letztlich bleibt jeder Künstler ein Rätsel.
    - und die Musik spielt bei ihm immer mit. Duo - Trio - Quartett - Quintett.

   ''The singing sculpture'' von Gilbert und George war so eine andere Verrücktheit
   in der Kunsthalle ! ...

   Dietrich Mahlow


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