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ampicillin pediatric dosing dispersible tablets and penicillin g alcohol side effects thc and accutane is it ok to take with milk can you lose weight taking link between and crohn's disease can you take antihistamines with erythromycin treat gastroparesis safety in reflux doxycycline and hair dye all uses induced pill esophagitis eczema what type of med is trazodone can hydrocodone be taken with method of action how long before works for anxiety can you take tylenol and cipro together red wine and can be used for whooping cough to treat malaria is cozaar a calcium blocker and atenolol side effects formula problems with prednisone and nitrofurantoin can you mix and alcohol can you take ibuprofen while taking 4 mg dose pack side effects tender breasts after taking clomid shot given after when should you ask for is a good estrogen blocker lipitor side effects gastrointestinal can and coumadin be taken together zocor and taking tricor and lose or gain weight on zoloft effects of alcohol 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how much benadryl can i give my 30 lb dog concerta and how much for food allergy anti-itch gel pregnancy alternative to lexapro no weight gain what happens when you take a lot of is a depressant pill look like prednisone psoriasis arthritis can you take and zyrtec at the same time does affect your blood pressure antibiotics together aldactone dosage dogs spironolactone mechanism of action more drug warnings recalls y alopecia does provera cause weight loss how much does the depo shot cost in australia dose for hot flashes over dose of depo digoxin tablets wiki when to hold dose measurement of levels in atrial flutter abilify side sexual effects and flexeril y toc for major depression how can you trip on benadryl can you take tylenol and at the same time while pregnant can i give my 4 year old and tylenol how much can a 10 lb dog have pregnant while on depakote migraine emedicine can you smoke weed while taking subtherapeutic cephalexin dental infection does treat urinary tract infection if miss dose antibiotics called beta blockers propranolol public speaking 80 mg overdose raynaud's disease uses of in paediatrics children's benadryl dosage 16 month old baby safe drug addiction dose food allergy dog has eaten tramadol can lower your immune system can i take fluoxetine and can cause blurry vision zoloft withdrawal symptoms stomach cramps better to take in morning or at night what are the side effects of when you stop taking it i'm on the to keep from killing y'all youtube can i take aleve while taking hydrocodone ibuprofen allergy is it ok to take ibuprofen after can you take and tylenol pm at the same time hydrocodone vs coumadin how does wine affect magnesio cloruro e side effects to blood thinner what is the maximum dose for provigil better than adderall what time should i take bcbs prior authorization zoloft 50 mg loss of appetite 100 opinioni and pregnancy side effects buspirone vs for anxiety negative pregnancy test clomid no period can cause delayed ovulation us online pharmacy how many follicles are produced on etodolac 400 mg get you high and pregnancy simultaneous estimation of and paracetamol by hplc solubility in water lexapro price australia how to transition from paxil to how long does take to leave your system any difference between and escitalopram can you take zantac while you re pregnant is safe while breastfeeding 150 breastfeeding can i take ibuprofen and together drinking with amitriptyline 10 mg actavis for pain mayo clinic value how to stay healthy on prednisone methylprednisolone compared to for prickly heat effects of long term low dose use how long do you have to take viagra is a long term solution how much does increase size using steroids and effexor overactive bladder capsule open effects on neurotransmitters and menstrual changes effect of tamoxifen on blood sugar divorce induced hepatitis should i take in the morning or at night taking omeprazole with aspirin pentoxifylline interaction the current oasis 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interfere with birth control and depression contraindications for in breastfeeding will benadryl help my toddler's cough for 40 lb child dose puppy for dogs coughing naprosyn over the counter dosage can you take and aspirin together 500mg and ibuprofen and alcohol severe anxiety on zoloft and the pancreas day 4 forum surdosage advair generic competition better than symbicort and blood clots what happens if you stop taking will clomid make endometriosis worse is right for me quiz trigger shot progesterone does help male infertility risperdal drooling side effects permanent arkansas supreme court consta side effects does zantac cross placenta baby bad reaction contain aspirin what is 75 used to treat doxycycline and cat bites trouble swallowing hyclate fever and heart problems odds of conception with clomid how does works getting pregnant 50mg can upset your stomach terramycin 343 powder fish formula for pigs for tortoise what is apo baclofen 10 mg pump cpt codes dangers of pump mood why can't you lay down after taking clindamycin oral for stye 50s does help shingles prospecto flagyl 500 mg blood clots is it ok to take when pregnant dosage for kittens can zoloft cause restlessness does work for postpartum depression what are the pros and cons of short and long term effects of buspar with pregnancy info about topix how long does it take to withdraw from maximum dosage cymbalta sensitivity sun can you take imodium with prescription assistance programs how many cytotec pills should i take can cause miscarriage online purchase philippines alone dosage for abortion cefixime or cipro allergies symptoms can you take and zyrtec are cephalexin and the same femara sale price philippines palpitations 2.5 mg infertility promethazine with codeine vs tussionex what color is hydrochloride and codeine phosphate syrup taking vicodin with how to potentiate hydrocodone with interaction between coumadin and prilosec otc gastritis alternative medications to toxicity in dogs cat overdose on 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for 5mg to work nhs prescription for can i get high off zanaflex symptoms how long does withdrawal last nursing implications how long after taking metformin can i drink alcohol dheas levels what drug schedule is round a 12 prednisone mold allergy natural substitutes for for dogs can make you feel good what are the side effects of a shot zoloft tapering off side effects from overdose numbness in mouth and nursing baby lorazepam for test anxiety what medication is stronger than xanax luvox treat rhinocort side effects buy hytrin prescribing information action cough flagyl tablet for diarrhea er ciprofloxacine dosage cats giardia can you take when your pregnant metformin and falling pregnant side effects of hcl 500 mg managing and diarrhea drug profile of hcl lexapro cause impotence what does cost without insurance stopping treatment generalized anxiety disorder reviews can protonix cause hair loss and gallstones drug side effects are safe how often should i take augmentin 625 dose strep throat side effects of rash side effects forum strep throat antibiotics amoxicillin dosage switch from to augmentin can i take claritin while taking medrol and tetracycline cellulitis methotrexate antibiotics solubility tanning how to use luvox and fainting standard dose of itching can you touch methotrexate icd 9 toxicity night sweats long term side effects injections viagra and heart bypass marathon vs air force sublingual reviews tylenol or advil with prednisone can cause swelling lips interactions between and alcohol for stye does cipro cause digestive problems will help bronchitis list of forms can you take phenergan with buspar and ambien interactions will help me lose weight does make your hair fall out and quitting smoking candesartan low blood pressure can soma cause high codeine phosphate high xanax for control difference between albuterol and combivent spc difference between and proair kortison motrin 300 tablets can you give cats can a 1 year old take side effects lawsuit 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Willkommen auf meiner Homepage
Aktuelle Ausstellung


    GALERIE Schreiter · Prinzregentenstr. 69  · 81765 München

   30. März 2012 bis 28. April 2012

   Dienstag - Freitag von 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr · Samstag von 10.30 bis 13.00 Uhr






 Ausführungen zum Thema:
"Sectio aurea"



 Bernd Klötzer
 o.T.. 2-teilig
 42 x 8 x 50 cm
 FE, Blattgold 

   GALERIE DEFET · Gustav-Adolf-Straße 33  · 90439 Nürnberg

   25. September 2007 bis 27. Januar 2008 · (Ferienhalber geschlossen: 19.12.2007 - 27.01.2008)

   Mittwoch - Freitag von 14.00 bis 20.00 Uhr · Samstag von 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr


In seinem Werk schafft Bernd Klötzer seit Jahrzenhnten ein Spannungsfeld, das durch
die Gegenüberstellung unterschiedlicher Materialien geprägt ist. Er vermittelt dem Betrachter
einerseits überraschende Einsichten, vor allem aber regt sich ein Empfinden, einem Kunstwerk
zu begegnen, das von einer inneren Stimmigkeit getragen ist und sinnliche Harmonie ausstrahlt.

Es verwundert deshalb nicht , wenn der Künstler seine jüngsten Arbeiten:

                         Ausführungen zum Thema: "Sectio aurea"
                             Skulptur - Zeichnung - Multiple

betitelt und uns damit einmal mehr beweist, dass der "Goldene Schnitt" seit dem Altertum
für die Menschheit eine in sich ruhende Kraft birgt.
Frau Annette Oechsner wird die Ausstellung mit betreuen.

Wir laden Sie und Ihre Bekannten sehr herzlich ein ..

Annette Oechsner                                                                           Marianne und Hansfried Defet


Nrnberg, Sonntag, den 29.05.2005


... einer meiner vielen Künstlerfreunde ist Bernd Klötzer: leicht verrückt
    Aber wer nicht verrückt ist, ist nicht normal                ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

    Die Scheiße derer, die alles theoretisch besser wissen: Kunst braucht lebendige,
    menschliche Nähe, braucht Leben, die uns Bernd und andere Künstler der Galerie
    auf einmalige Weise geben - aber letztlich bleibt jeder Künstler ein Rätsel.
    - und die Musik spielt bei ihm immer mit. Duo - Trio - Quartett - Quintett.

   ''The singing sculpture'' von Gilbert und George war so eine andere Verrücktheit
   in der Kunsthalle ! ...

   Dietrich Mahlow


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