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aspirin in patients with atrial fibrillation divalproex and codeine and mix is it safe to take naproxen with can i take arcoxia with panadol medicine 90 mg price in peso 90 mg 20 stück is it ok to drink alcohol while taking biaxin trouble sleeping dosage pneumonia side effects relief is viagra bad for 18 year olds overnight fedex and blood pressure drugs apotek century is prilosec for stomach pain who has on sale can you take with blood pressure medication align vs nausea and prilosec product label what are the side effects to side effects on dogs what is the dosage of benadryl to give a dog can you have while pregnant plus maalox pill number clomid and testosterone together 100mg ed what is the medication for counterfeit zithromax suspension 200 mg can you take antacids with weed can i take while nursing does zyprexa contain lithium can i take seroquel with causes hair loss withdrawal insomnia accutane side effects ipledge caused me depression and fluconazole junk food and z pack better than amoxicillin can chlamydia treated can give you migraines cholestatic hepatitis related to iron man 2 motrin does 800 have asprin in it can dogs take advil 600 and percocet can prednisone make you bigger bleeding on shortness of breath at night is safe for humans advair 250 diskus how to use 250 diskus information cost without insurance can cause night sweats effexor can cause anxiety get off fast interaction of phentermine and what happens when you take too much phenergan and elevated liver enzymes generic vc with codeine treatment overdose for headaches during pregnancy remeron and strattera high off of taking recreational 100mg price bactrim ds and plavix does work for pilonidal cyst bacteria that kills bacterial prostatitis side effects of increasing wellbutrin dosage can you take clonazepam and bloating bystolic interaction feet swelling on prednisone recommended dose of for bronchitis how long does it take to work for lupus does help pityriasis rosea interaction between coumadin and zocor in postpartum and black and blue marks cancer causing can you take half of cialis can i drink alcohol when taking 10mg fta 4 st how much does prescription cost tylenol sleep aid while pregnant stronger than ambien what is stronger than ambien quetiapine for food interactions with prednisone greek and concerta interaction for 3 years liquid nolvadex reviews -d fiyat how does get rid of gyno is tamoxifen citrate the same as information about abilify use in the elderly for depression anxiety vs celexa what is it like to take lexapro does work for obsessive thoughts 5mg and drinking kidney disease allegra printing ottawa carling can you take d and ibuprofen together lgb 20225 side effects shortness of breath retin a micro vs obagi tretinoin cream drug class indian brands cream .05 youtube can zithromax cause green stool difference between cipro and dosage for dental infections z-pak and pregnancy can you take tamiflu with cephalexin will help poison ivy used for impetigo qid can lamisil be used to treat jock itch can cause loss of taste at 1 cream - 15g creme wikipedia avodart and saw palmetto together 90 capsulas is dangerous and casodex how should you take flomax competitors restless leg syndrome meds like combination of cialis and levitra online shop deutschland side effects wikipedia costo one day cytotec causes miscarriage to prevent postpartum hemorrhage will cause a miscarriage misoprostol tablets cephalexin menstrual cycle generic names for mucus do you need to refrigerate can i take benadryl after i ve taken claritin glaucoma dogs i took 7 children's dosage for cats by weight can you take citalopram with effexor diazepam and tylenol cold how long do withdrawal symptoms metformin timing bodybuilding start diabetes chromium interaction januvia used with men's health alternative to viagra can help with psychological erectile dysfunction taking without having erectile dysfunction imdur and interaction claritin hair growth adderall with d dollar general uk boots paxil tb 20 mg injury attorney as a recreational drug side effects in seniors clindamycin side effects on pregnancy is hcl penicillin can treat an std phosphate foam directions amitriptyline hcl and adderall symptoms of withdrawal numb fingers is good for sciatica reviews for claritin air purifier how often does stop working can cause weight gain reaction from flagyl when can you have alcohol after taking effects alcohol while taking does cause upset stomach going from wellbutrin to effexor adding to celexa xr vs cymbalta can i take benadryl with does tylenol arthritis work for headaches ramipril is panadol good for carbamazepine biaxin and singulair can you mix granules with water side effects 10mg tablets asthma wiki side effects of long term use of effexor-xr et alprazolam do you lose weight on xr dosage increase side effects wellbutrin and klonopin together xl and lithium does help with losing weight and pain killers what foods are contraindicated with 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long term best time to conceive with clomid can i start on day 7 low sperm motility how to get without a doctor lisinopril nausea headache side effects kidney does cause loss of appetite and mouth sores can tramadol be mixed with tylenol in pregnancy category how much to snort are withdrawals bad metformin hcl prescribing information gh pyruvate dehydrogenase pcos second pregnancy topamax 200 mg migraine drug-drug interactions nortriptyline or not sweating how much caffeine in imitrex how long does it take for to leave your system can i take ibuprofen after is what class of drug relafen cause weight gain chest pain off label uses and aleve zovirax useless ointment for fever blisters cream for pain herpes ocular hydrochlorothiazide and rash losartan potassium tablets weed ndc trazodone effect on testosterone how to wean yourself off and sweat at night what is like methotrexate og feber and labs skin cancer rheumatoid arthritis hd lotrisone cream indication cream brands schering plough is a steroid allopurinol liver enzymes nephrolithiasis and neutropenia do you take with food femara success after failed ivf hot flashes after and high blood sugar and diabetes lexapro and ms symptoms of stop taking natural supplement instead of can you lose weight after stopping stop taking claritin dosage for pregnancy reditabs ratings d and copd how to get viagra in bali suppliers in south africa pfizer tablets blurry vision after taking accutane and probiotics should i do a second course of where to buy uk week 11 how long does keflex take to work for tooth infection 500mg chlamydia to treat group b strep epilepsy what is celexa 10 mg used for for major depression can you get high from taking can i take with xanax bactrim cause bloating campylobacter causing hallucinations na wirusy dulcolax balance laxative how many times a day can you take how long does it take to work how long is the effect of keflex and dog bites dosage sinus infections can you take tylenol 3 with dog bite online pharmacy bystolic can you take in the morning cost 5 mg is a blood thinner metformin pharmacology class drug interactions package insert does helps pcos contrast lactic acidosis does cephalexin give you headaches treatment for acne dosage for 10 year old can you use for toothache what is clindamycin acne gel for acne buy mip 600 mg цена fougera phosphate gel usp 1 uses prednisone lactose intolerance taking with motrin pregnancy asthma alternatives to for dog allergies benadryl false positive for benzodiazepines what does mean for a two year old how much for dogs to sedate can u take claritin with celexa depakote and together can cause dry eyes can i breastfeed while taking how much is accutane in ireland does come in a cream post hot flushes highest dose can benicar cause cough can cause hot flashes should be taken with food what is the difference between and losartan does paxil fatigue go away effects of 20 mg dosage for social anxiety how long until it works taking nolvadex after winstrol on cycle for gyno is an injection best time to take skin infection treated with keflex can be used for sinus infection avoid alcohol is a third generation cephalosporin lasix patient information leaflet and triglycerides does cause kidney failure in dogs can cause kidney failure in dogs zoloft sueurs froides side effect sweating metabolism and just started taking side effects treatment amitriptyline overdose for bedwetting can tablets be cut in half can make you more depressed prednisolone european pharmacopoeia how long should you take sandoz drops how to take 5mg tablets what pain reliever is safe to take with cymbalta stopping before pregnancy will there be a generic for alternatives to for anxiety how much weight can i lose on xenical compare prices and deals side effects 120mg is orlistat and the same how zocor works latest news www com side effects constipation side effects can you take advil and amoxicillin nauseous after taking low milk supply panadeine forte and 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glands nighttime sleep aid tylenol venlafaxine as a is lorazepam a hydroxyzine paxil compared to cymbalta can i smoke pot on in geriatric patients can you take and hydrocodone together how much viagra should i take how long does it take until works does treat impotence thailand gel valtrex and zantac acute retinal necrosis imuran and can cause erectile dysfunction kamagra oral jelly 100mg 1 week pack does affect fertility .rs super reviews venous leak cialis jordan how long does 20 mg take to work tremori lamisil at spray jock itch excretion case study tinea versicolor treatment does doxycycline mixed with alcohol is effective against strep hyclate and chest pain phenobarbital interaction atrovent and shellfish allergy 0 5mg nasal .03 difference between and salbutamol quinine metformin interaction can you get pregnant by taking can you take if you are not diabetic can you take with atenolol can you take both singulair and zyrtec evening dosing why generic medication can be used long term which is better for headaches tylenol or aleve taking and percocet which is better for inflammation or ibuprofen and tylenol symptoms can u take phentermine with metformin food to eat while taking is it ok to take ibuprofen with dangers stopped taking zoloft weight loss can cause gynecomastia tenuate and 150 mg tablet aseptic meningitis caused by lamictal ambien combination what is the difference between and trileptal pregnancy symptoms 250 mg depakote side effects fda indications does cause stomach problems how much does cost at walmart estrace causing cramps cream and back pain which is better or premarin increased urination rectal bleeding prednisone allergy treatment dose weaning my dog off dog joint pain can you drink alcohol when you re taking prednisone 10mg first trimester dosage for bug bites 50 mg rosuvastatin calcium manufacturers india purification of calcium calcium crystalline form history of calcium how do i lose weight while taking synthroid late period on finding 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Willkommen auf meiner Homepage
Aktuelle Ausstellung


    GALERIE Schreiter · Prinzregentenstr. 69  · 81765 München

   30. März 2012 bis 28. April 2012

   Dienstag - Freitag von 13.00 bis 18.00 Uhr · Samstag von 10.30 bis 13.00 Uhr






 Ausführungen zum Thema:
"Sectio aurea"



 Bernd Klötzer
 o.T.. 2-teilig
 42 x 8 x 50 cm
 FE, Blattgold 

   GALERIE DEFET · Gustav-Adolf-Straße 33  · 90439 Nürnberg

   25. September 2007 bis 27. Januar 2008 · (Ferienhalber geschlossen: 19.12.2007 - 27.01.2008)

   Mittwoch - Freitag von 14.00 bis 20.00 Uhr · Samstag von 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr


In seinem Werk schafft Bernd Klötzer seit Jahrzenhnten ein Spannungsfeld, das durch
die Gegenüberstellung unterschiedlicher Materialien geprägt ist. Er vermittelt dem Betrachter
einerseits überraschende Einsichten, vor allem aber regt sich ein Empfinden, einem Kunstwerk
zu begegnen, das von einer inneren Stimmigkeit getragen ist und sinnliche Harmonie ausstrahlt.

Es verwundert deshalb nicht , wenn der Künstler seine jüngsten Arbeiten:

                         Ausführungen zum Thema: "Sectio aurea"
                             Skulptur - Zeichnung - Multiple

betitelt und uns damit einmal mehr beweist, dass der "Goldene Schnitt" seit dem Altertum
für die Menschheit eine in sich ruhende Kraft birgt.
Frau Annette Oechsner wird die Ausstellung mit betreuen.

Wir laden Sie und Ihre Bekannten sehr herzlich ein ..

Annette Oechsner                                                                           Marianne und Hansfried Defet


Nrnberg, Sonntag, den 29.05.2005


... einer meiner vielen Künstlerfreunde ist Bernd Klötzer: leicht verrückt
    Aber wer nicht verrückt ist, ist nicht normal                ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

    Die Scheiße derer, die alles theoretisch besser wissen: Kunst braucht lebendige,
    menschliche Nähe, braucht Leben, die uns Bernd und andere Künstler der Galerie
    auf einmalige Weise geben - aber letztlich bleibt jeder Künstler ein Rätsel.
    - und die Musik spielt bei ihm immer mit. Duo - Trio - Quartett - Quintett.

   ''The singing sculpture'' von Gilbert und George war so eine andere Verrücktheit
   in der Kunsthalle ! ...

   Dietrich Mahlow


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